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7 Spoilers Fans Missed At The Start Of Video Games (And 13 That Were Too Obvious)

Plot twists can sometimes make or break video games, but there's no denying the impact they can have on players. From a main character's sudden demise to a "good guy's" betrayal, twists make games stand out from the standard "hero must complete Tasks A and B to defeat the villain," elevating them to the heights reached by some films. Who could forget the untimely demise of The Joker in the 2011 masterpiece Batman: Arkham City or Flowey's knowledge of why players restarted their game in Undertale? Yes, twists can prove a good surprise for gamers everywhere...or, at least, those who didn't already see them coming.

While it's impossible to predict every kind of twist in video games without making outright guesses or reading about them online, there have been various instances where games themselves contained clues about a twist revealed later on. From seemingly-unimportant lines of text to hidden Easter Eggs, some games definitely make it worthwhile for players to do a replay in order to see what obvious spoilers they may have missed. Sometimes, they're easy to find and will most likely only be missed by series newcomers, while other times they can slip by even the most observant of players. Nevertheless, games may have tried to hide them, but they were found out by players eventually.

So, for those who wish to take a closer look at their favorite games to see if developers left any clues for them to find, we present 7 Spoilers Fans Missed At The Start Of Video Games (And 13 That Were Too Obvious).

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Start Now advertising 20 Missed: First Encounter (Batman: Arkham Knight)

The chronological conclusion to Rocksteady Studios' award-winning Batman: Arkham series, 2015's Arkham Knight may not have thrilled fans as much as its acclaimed predecessor, Arkham City, but it nonetheless stands as a well-crafted Batman game. Yes, the reveal that supposedly-deceased ex-Robin Jason Todd was the man behind the Arkham Knight was a bit lame (since this isn't the first time Todd has reappeared under a new identity), but the creators certainly had the right clue for dedicated Batman fans to find.

When the Arkham Knight first encounters Batman, he utters, "Time to [perish], old man!" Those familiar with Todd's run as Robin know he used "old man" as a nickname for Bruce Wayne. Perhaps the creators were using this to hint that Todd still had some good in him, which he proved by later saving Batman from Scarecrow.

19 Obvious: Picture-Perfect Reveal (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

This highly-acclaimed 2002 Zelda title may be widely known for introducing fans to Toon Link (who continues to make his presence known in the Super Smash Bros. franchise), but it also gave them the loveable Tetra, a pirate who sails with Link across the Great Sea. She is later revealed to be an alternate form of Princess Zelda by King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (who was in control of the game's talking sailboat, the King of Red Lions), which, as intense as it was, could actually be revealed early on.

Players simply need to venture to the captain's quarters, where Tetra has pictures of Zelda and the Triforce hung on the wall. Also, for owners of the UK special edition, the artwork of the game's final battle is shown on the box, confirming both Zelda and Ganon's presence in the game.

advertising 18 Obvious: Listen Closely (Pokémon Sun And Moon) Solgaleo and Lunala from Pokemon Sun and Moon

Paying close attention to Pokémon helps trainers establish a close bond with them. And, while Lillie's Cosmog, Nebby, doesn't look like much, its battle cry alone hints at a bigger future for the nebula Pokémon.

After performing a ritual on the game's final island, the player and Lillie evolve Nebby into one of Sun and Moon's two main Legendary Pokémon, Solgaleo or Lunala (depending on which version a player has). How does Cosmog's battle cry factor into this? Well, if players listened carefully to the noise Nebby makes, they would notice a similarity between it and the cry heard from the game's Legendary Pokémon in the title screen.

Forget watching and learning. Try listening to learn.

17 Missed: Star Wars Secret (BioShock Infinite)

BioShock Infinite proved itself as one of the best games of 2013 and taking a page out of one of cinema's greatest trilogies definitely helped make its twist a memorable one. The game reveals the young Elizabeth as main character Booker's daughter (who was given the birth name "Anna"). With the power to open portals (called "Tears") to alternate universes, Elizabeth certainly comes in handy in battle, but, if players keep a close eye on her at the beginning, her powers can actually reveal the twist sooner.

After first meeting Elizabeth, players can watch her open a Tear to Paris from behind a one-way mirror. However, it's not the lit-up Eiffel Tower that will catch fans' eyes, but the movie playing at the nearby theater: La Revanche Du Jedi, which translates to Revenge of the Jedi (Return of the Jedi's initial name). In other words, the film where Leia's connection to Vader is made clear.

advertising 16 Obvious: Fake Snake (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain) Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

While it ended up being creator Hideo Kojima's last game with Konami, the fifth Metal Gear Solid game continued the Metal Gear franchise's winning streak of great games. Though, the writers could've made the twist harder to predict.

Toward the game's end, the character players thought was Snake turned out to be a medic who underwent plastic surgery and hypnotherapy to not only look like Snake but believe he actually was Snake. For those who haven't played the game, this probably sounds like a good twist, right? Well, in the game's first mission, the player meets a bandaged man named Ishmael (the real Snake), voiced by Kiefer Sutherland. But, wait...Sutherland is also the voice of the main character!

Also, several of Snake's comrades have trouble identifying him, which further hints that something's not quite right.

15 Obvious: A Bloody Prediction (Borderlands 2)

It's always intense to see a main character return for a sequel, only to get axed off later on. Such was the case with Roland, one of the four returning Vault Hunters from the original Borderlands and the one players had to rescue from bandits near the beginning of 2012's Borderlands 2. While the weapons-loving soldier sticks around long enough to help players defeat the Guardian Angel, his life is then suddenly taken by Handsome Jack (Angel's father). But how sudden was it really when there was an obvious prediction for players to find?

When arriving at Roland's cell, a message has been written on the wall behind Roland: "You [perish]." Can't get much clearer than that.

advertising 14 Missed: A Familiar Tune (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Ending

It turns out the Zelda series can keep a Zelda-related secret after all. In 2011's Skyward Sword, Hyrule's Princess is revealed to be the reincarnation of Hylia, one of the three Goddesses who created the Triforce. After failing to defeat Ganon (referred to as "Demise"), Hylia created the Goddess Sword and changed into a mortal to search the world for the right warrior to wield it against him (who, of course, turns out to be Link).

However, players can catch on to this twist by listening carefully to the song Zelda plays on her harp, titled "Ballad of the Goddess," before first meeting with Link. When played backward, it turns into "Zelda's Lullaby," a recurring theme for the Princess.

13 Obvious: R.O.B. In Disguise (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Some may find it odd that the Super Smash Bros. series features R.O.B., an old accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System, as a playable fighter, but 2008's Brawl first proved that the silent robot can hold its own against the likes of Sonic and Snake. However, if players want to see a more emotional side of R.O.B., they need only take part in the game's Adventure Mode, The Subspace Emissary.

The first villain fighters encounter is the Ancient Minister, who commands R.O.B. units to detonate bombs (which ends them in the process). However, it probably didn't take gamers long to figure out who it was under his cloak: the Master R.O.B. unit, who shows remorse when losing its fellow units.

Despite the lackluster twist, R.O.B. is gifted an epic reveal and joins the fight against big baddie Tabuu.

12 Obvious: Opening Warning (Persona 3)

One of the most effective twists in video games (if done right) is having the main character perish in the end. And, while the protagonist of 2006's Persona 3 stayed silent throughout the game, players still felt a connection with the Persona-wielding teenager. This is why it saddened players to learn that, despite having defeated the apocalyptic being Nyx, the protagonist's life ended following the final battle, as revealed in the game's epilogue "The Answer."

Believe it or not, however, the game actually made it clear that the protagonist's demise was at hand from the very beginning. The game's colorful opening contains some rather intense text that reads, "Memento Mori," and later, "Remember that you are mortal," to spell it out even more to players.

11 Missed: Not-So-Crazy Thinking (Mass Effect) Mass Effect 3 Rannoch Reaper

What starts off as a simple recovery mission turns into a race against time to prevent the return of ancient synthetic-organic machines known as "Reapers," who plot to eradicate all of civilization. While this seemed to take most of the game's characters by surprise, a seemingly-insane scientist knew about it all too well.

In the game's first mission, Commander Shepard and his/her team are in search of a Prothean beacon at Eden Prime's dig site when they encounter two scientists, Dr. Warren and her assistant, Manuel, whom she says has almost completely lost his mind. However, if players really pay attention to Manuel's ramblings about the end of humanity, they will realize just how accurate his predictions will become.

advertising 10 Obvious: Backwards Thinking (Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse)

Perhaps the biggest "DUH!" entry on this list was the revelation that half-human, half-vampire (or "dhampir") Alucard was the son of Dracula, as revealed in the 1989 Castlevania prequel, Dracula's Curse. And it's a shame since the character remains one of the coolest in the series.

Following Simon Belmont's ancestor Trevor, the game featured Alucard as a boss who, if defeated, could become a playable character. With the ability to shoot fireballs and transform into a bat, Alucard can become a worthy adversary in the quest to defeat Dracula. Then, in a twist everyone except Alucard himself saw coming, he is revealed to be Dracula Jr.

Seriously, all he had to do was spell his name backward! Guess the Count's not so good at coming up with names.

9 Obvious: Read Between the Lines (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)

The Metal Gear franchise is undoubtedly awesome, but it's sure not good at keeping major twists secret. In this game, Big Boss (known as "[Bare] Snake") is in the middle of a rescue mission when his former mentor, The Boss, reveals she is defecting to the USSR and leaves him to perish. However, after Snake eliminates her toward the end, it is revealed that she was actually serving as a double agent to help prove the U.S.'s innocence in a nuclear attack.

Though this twist was probably heartbreaking to both Snake and players, The Boss actually revealed this fact early on. When Snake asks her why she betrayed her country, she replies, "I didn't." While players most likely took this as her addressing the USSR as her true country, we now know just how revealing this line truly was.

advertising 8 Missed: A Father's Touch (BioShock)

The highest-rated game on this list (according to Metacritic) also has one of gaming's most memorable twists. After finally reaching the office of Rapture creator Andrew Ryan, protagonist Jack finds out that not only is he Jack's son, but has also been used as a secret weapon by former criminal Frank Fontaine in a war against Ryan. By including the phrase "would you kindly" in front of a command, Fontaine was able to make Ryan do anything to reach Jack.

However, by doing some searching around Rapture, players can figure out the twist by listening to a secret audio file, which reveals that Ryan used a DNA system to prohibit all but a certain few from accessing the game's bathyspheres. Since a bathysphere was what Jack used to travel to Rapture, this all but confirms his relationship with Ryan.

7 Obvious: A King Without His Queen (Conker's Bad Fur Day) Conker's Bad Fur Day

Twists can be found in games of all kinds, even one as absurd as the Nintendo 64 classic, Conker's Bad Fur Day. Ignoring the crude humor and high amount of fourth-wall breaking, the game actually contains a tragic love story between Conker and his girlfriend, Berri. While in the presence of the evil Panther King, Berri is eliminated by mafia leader Don Weaso right in front of Conker, who proceeds to get revenge and is crowned King in the end.

While Conker's rise to the throne is shown at the very beginning of the game's intro, Berri's demise is hinted at by the track playing over Conker's narration, which is titled, "Funeral for Queen Mary." Quite the somber twist for a game featuring a singing excrement monster and a war between grey squirrels and Nazi teddy bears.

advertising 6 Obvious: The Switch (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty)

Yet another major twist spoiled in a Metal Gear Solid game, the reveal that Snake (who was the center of Sons of Liberty's advertising) would only be the main protagonist for the game's prologue upset several fans. However, even though fans had to buy the game to figure this out, the switch from Snake to newcomer Raiden could be found out if players only took a peek at the manual. And, even if they skipped the reading (like some gamers do), it isn't long before players find out who the game's real hero is supposed to be.

Thankfully, over time, fans and critics have taken a better liking to Raiden, and the game is now considered one of the series' best installments.

5 Missed: Nobody 'Saw' That Coming (Silent Hill: Homecoming)

Another classic twist is having a supposedly-good character turn out to be one of the game's antagonists, but why did a twist this good have to happen in one of Silent Hill's weaker entries?

In 2008's Homecoming, when Alex's mother is captured by members of Silent Hill's cult, players will notice one of them wielding a gas-powered circular saw. Look familiar? That's because the same one was visible earlier when Alex was visiting Ackers' shop. Later on, Alex is taken care of while attempting to end the life of Alex's friend, Elle (the daughter of fellow antagonist Judge Margaret Holloway). Guess Mr. Ackers forgot the first rule of villainy: try experimenting with different weapons.

advertising 4 Obvious: Trouble From The Start (Chrono Cross)

Though not quite beloved as its iconic predecessor, 1999's Chrono Cross still stands as an acclaimed follow-up for the PlayStation. It even takes a page out of the first game's intro and spoils some major events for players.

Wanna see what the Dragon God, a combination of the game's six dragons and the second-to-final boss, looks like? The intro's got you covered. What about the connection between Serge and Lynx that crosses dimensions? No problem! While this may not prove a problem for newcomers, those aware of the Chrono series may do best to look away in this game's (and the previous game's) intro.

If Chrono Break ever gets another chance, perhaps the developers should try harder to keep the intros spoiler-free.

3 Obvious: A Secret Lesson (Life Is Strange)

Another surprising example of a supposed colleague being the bad guy all along took place in 2015's award-winning episodic game Life is Strange with main character Alex's photography teacher, Mark Jefferson. With the ability to rewind time, Max races to prevent an upcoming storm from destroying Arcadia Bay but later ends up in the clutches of a demented criminal: Mr. Jefferson.

While this came as a surprise to Alex, players should have been able to pick up on Jefferson's criminal behavior from the way he seemed to obsess over Alex. Also, while giving a lecture during the tutorial, he describes the way photography can be used to capture subjects' moments of desperation. Seems all Alex had to do to solve this mystery was go back in time and pay closer attention in class.

advertising 2 Obvious: Bad Filing System (Thief: Deadly Shadows)

The final game before the Thief series was rebooted 10 years later, 2014's Deadly Shadows follows master-thief Garrett, who rebels against his trainers and gets caught up in the hunt for a skin-wearing bogeyman called, "The Hag." While this sounds exciting, players who purchased the PC version were in for a surprise (or rather, a lack of surprise), as the game's installation revealed several files that named off several major twists.

Though naming files isn't always easy, perhaps the developers could've done a bit better than "gamalls_treachery_engl_none_30.bik." Seriously, this is a Thief game. Why would it focus on giving out so many secrets?

Thankfully, players can also purchase a version for the Xbox, which lets players go into the game a bit less "prepared."

1 Missed: Thanks, Sis (Fable II)

While this is more of an instance of foreshadowing than spoiling a major twist, the short time players had with spent with Rose, the main character's older sister in 2008's Fable II, actually revealed a major event to come in the Fable series. While exploring Bowerstone with her, she tells us of her dream to be rich and famous and live in a large castle (basically the dream of most youths). While her life is taken long before she can make her dreams a reality, her sibling, Sparrow, goes on to become a king, fulfilling each of Rose's desires

While it's sad Rose didn't get to share in Sparrow's wealth and fame, it's amazing how accurate she was about her sibling's future.


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