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18th of August 2018


Communication Kills Confusion - The Good Men Project

Wondering if something is true about someone?Ask them.

Wonder if someone is lying?Ask them.

Wonder if someone is speaking ill of you?Ask them.

Wondering if your partner is hiding something?Ask them.

Wondering how to improve the marriage with your spouse?Ask them.

Wondering why your kid is depressed and acting out?Ask them.

Wondering how you can serve your client more effectively?Ask them.

Wondering how you can serve your organization more effectively?Ask them.

Wondering how the person you admire “did it?”Ask them.

You’ll be amazed at the level of honesty a direct and pointed conversation with clear intention and direction can have.

Don’t shy away from being a humble learner.It’s often the shortest path to growth and expansion.

Don’t shy away from healthy confrontation.It’s often the shortest path to resolution and moving forward.

And sometimes that looks like resolution.Other times, it looks like distance.

But know this:

Assuming just makes you an ass.Gossiping makes you an ass.Repressing feelings just makes you bitter and resentful.

You’re free to represent those qualities and manifest those realities, but at the end of the day…. it all comes down to a choice.

Openness or arrogance.

—Previously published on Facebook.

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