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22nd of January 2018


This Woman Revealed Her Biggest Secret To The World During Her Powerful Engagement Photo Shoot

Engagement photos are pretty stressful—after all, you want to convey the fact that you’re radiantly happy, while also just happening to look your best, ever. So, no pressure. But one woman used her engagement photos to make a statement about a health condition she suffers from, and the results are pretty powerful.

Makenzee Meaux suffers from a condition known as alopecia universalis, which is a disease that caused her hair follicles to stop growing when she was eight. Doctors aren’t sure why she developed alopecia or how to bring her hair back. She normally wears a wig, but she decided to ditch it during her engagement photos with her fiancé Bryan.

Makenzee tells Women's Health she felt a “huge relief” when she took off her wig for the photos. “I felt very excited to be fully accepting and embracing my true self,” she says. “It had been a long time coming and I was very happy that I decided to step out of my comfort zone.”

She shared the gorgeous results on Facebook—and the photos quickly went viral. “While taking our engagement pictures I decided that it was time to stop hiding from the one thing I tried hardest to hide for almost 15 years,” she wrote.

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