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19th of January 2018


'I've Interviewed Dozens Of Women About Weight Loss—Here Are The Best Ways To Push Through A Plateau'

The plateau phase of weight loss is typically when women will tell me they added something new to their workout routines, whether it be training for a marathon or finally trying out some new moves at a cardio dance class. For Kelly Chase, who lost 85 pounds, hiring a personal trainer for the last leg of her weight-loss journey helped her lose the last 10 pounds she couldn't seem to get off.

Menachem Brodie, C.S.C.S., an exercise physiologist and trainer at Human Vortex Training, says that varying your workouts can help the numbers on the scale start to drop again. "Because the body has adjusted to the level of pressure you are placing on it, and has adapted," he explains. "That is literally the plateau: Your body can now handle what it's being asked to do, so we must begin to change things up so that the body has to adapt to doing things a little differently than before."

"Think about keeping the same exercise routine for four to six weeks, and then move onto another variation of the same basic movements," he suggests. "Instead of pushups on the floor, do pushups with your hands on a bench, or a barbell bench press. Instead of a kettlebell deadlift, try barbell hip thrusts." An added burst of cardio will also help the cause. "Add 10 to 15 minutes of your choice of cardio at a heart rate of 120 to 130 beats per minute at the end of your strength-training sessions," he recommends. "Performing cardio at this effort level will allow you to burn a few extra calories while getting a nice boost to your cardiovascular system's abilities."

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