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19th of January 2018


Electrify America to set up 2,800 EV charging stations by 2019

Volkswagen subsidiary, Electrify America is to install more than 2,800 workplace and residential charging stations by June, 2019 in 17 of the largest metropolitan areas in the US.

The initiative is part of Electrify America's US$2bn investment in EV infrastructure and education in the US during the next ten years.

The 2,800 Level 2 charging stations will be located at around 500 sites, all with more than one charging station. Level 2 charging will provide for a charging speed up to 20-25 miles of driving range per hour, which would allow drivers to fully charge their electric vehicles at their home or workplace.

"One of the biggest barriers to the mass-market adoption of electric vehicles is access to chargers," said Electrify America CEO, Mark McNabb.

"Having chargers where people work – and live – will help them see an electric vehicle can be their primary vehicle because charging is convenient and reliable at the places where they spend time."

Around 75% of the new charging station sites will be located at workplaces, with the remainder at apartment buildings, condominiums and other multi-family properties. This aligns with one of the goals for the Electrify America programme which is to increase charging infrastructure at the workplace, the second most likely place a vehicle spends time parked.

Employees with chargers at their workplace are six times more likely to drive a plug-in electric vehicle than the average worker, and chargers located at the workplace can potentially double an electric vehicle owner's daily driving range.

Joining Electrify America in this initiative are SemaConnect, EV Connect and Greenlots. These companies will work with property developers, office space facility managers and other real estate site hosts to install, operate and maintain charging

Chargers installed using the programme will be interoperable with the Electrify America charging network.

Workplace and multi-unit dwelling charging stations will be installed in six California metropolitan areas: Fresno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose, as well as in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Raleigh, Seattle and Washington DC.

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